Sales Management Service

By offering a Sales Management Service, helps the business owner to achieve more sales,  by making their salespeople more effective.  The service is at a fraction of the investment required compared to hiring a full-time employee. Plus the service help to provide better recruitment decisions when hiring a salesperson.

Small to medium-sized business owners often struggle in increasing sales results in their business.


Business owners are good at their profession but most know little about being a Sales Manager.  Corporates and large organisations can afford the luxury of playing a six-figure salary to recruit a Sales Manager, a hard ask for owners of a small to medium-sized business.

Hiring a salesperson who turns out to be anything but a good salesperson comes at a considerable cost to the business.  I recently came across a company who hired a ‘professional’ salesperson, the cost was a salary of $120,000, plus vehicle and

phone, 12 months later the salesperson did not achieve even one sale – hard to believe, but it is a true story.  The cost to the company?  It failed, owing a huge debt.

Below are the benefits of our Sales Management Service.

  1. Help in hiring a salesperson. This alone reduces the risk of wasting 10’s of thousand on a mistake.
  2. Train the salesperson. Train the salesperson to sales success.
  3. Monitor the salesperson. Salespeople need to be monitored. Simply Selling measures sales activity in real-time.
  4. Conduct regular sales meetings. This helps to maintain a good structure from which the salesperson will grow and succeed.
  5. Coach the salesperson. Salespeople benefit from being able to discuss sale related issues and obtain positive support from a person who is an experienced and accomplished sales professional.

We provide packages Taylor made for your business depending on your needs.  As an example, you may

wish help in recruiting a salesperson, vetting CV’s, conducting interviews, training the salesperson and then provide a weekly 1-hour meeting over the following three months to help establish the new salesperson and to become a very valuable asset to the business.

Whatever your needs, we can help you to achieve greater sales success.

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