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Hi, I’m David Beaumont, Managing Director of the Better Business Group (Australia), a leading Australian and New Zealand business coaching & consulting network.

Having been a CPA for over 30 years, dealing with many, many small business clients during that time and being privy to individual business programs which have sold in excess of $50 million dollars, I am saying that our Business Diagnostic and the associated Business Improvement Modules, are the best that we have produced when measured against their ability to produce additional sales, profits and cash….effortlessly and speedily!

These are big claims which we can back up with a pile of personal testimonials! See what others have said about us – testimonials

You see, our business diagnostic and individual modules have been developed from over 30 years practical hands-on consultancy experience not to mention the daily interaction with many, many small to medium businesses, just like yours.

We know the issues and we also know where to locate the opportunities for significantly increasing sales, reducing costs and improving productivity…and all of this knowledge is distilled in the Business Diagnostic and the associated Business Improvement Modules.

I know just how powerful this program can be. I’ve personally conducted it in many businesses with devastatingly positive results as measured using the best measuring tool of all…extra CASH!

As the business owner/manager you need to be aware of your present position because:

  1. You cannot solve problems until you first recognize them and
  2. You cannot take advantage of opportunities until you identify them.

The powerful diagnostic will allow you to recognize the problems and identify the opportunities within your business right now. And, it’s the perfect tool to get you to think about the future.

You see, the past is gone & in the present (which is where we are right now), we must be setting things up to achieve the desired goals which are the future.

From there, the individual Business Improvement Modules each step you through an OPPORTUNITIES and then a DISCOVERY & LEARNING process followed by PROVEN TEMPLATES that you can then adapt and apply to your business.

Is Your Business Properly Rewarding You For Your Massive Input Of Time & Money?

Allow me to give you some statistics from businesses that have completed the Business Diagnostic because you might well relate to their circumstances. These statistics definitely back up our many years of experience in dealing with small business owners.

It’s tragic, but it doesn’t need to be this way:

  • 78% of these business owners considered their business was not paying them a decent commercial wage.
  • 72% considered their business was not providing them with a decent commercial return on investmentfor the massive input of time and money.
  • 79% considered their business was under providing for their future retirement.

If you can you relate to this then you are obviously not alone in tolerating a lamentable profit result largely because you and they are missing massive opportunities to generate greater sales, profits and cash!

We can say to you with absolute confidence: “There are definitely hidden profits and cash in your business waiting for you to identify it and recover it.”

The Better Business Group is an organization of independent Business Improvement Specialists that are dedicated to providing business owners with systems and support that will propel them to maximizing their business potential.

That is – More Sales, Profits and Cash!

The Better Business Group’s ultimate goal is to provide the business owner with confidence that they are dealing with an organization who are dedicated to providing (in our view) the best business development systems available.

Billionaires today, have become so, not because they have an MBA hanging off their names – but because they have an intimate knowledge of the basics of business.

And the basics of business (which haven’t changed for centuries) are all about common sense and logic. Conversely, research tells us that 90% of the failures, which occur in small to medium business (our market place), happen as a direct result of the managerial incompetence of the owner/manager.

What did they lose sight of? You’ve got it…the basics of business.

That said, this is an impassioned plea for all business people to understand the immense power of doing the little things right every day. In short, small changes producing MASSIVE RESULTS.

It is the basic fundamentals of increasing sales, reducing costs and improving productivity that provide great results.

Whether you are just a ‘One Man’ band or a company with 100 employees BBG can offer products and systems to help you find more Sales, Profit and Cash.

We will ‘Show You The Money’ . (Click Here To contact Us)

Consider this…

Your business is like a bucket, with several leaks, we call these ‘Profit Leaks’.

I have not seen a business yet that is not losing money, in fact many businesses are literally hemorrhaging money. The sad part is most Business Owners/ Managers are not aware of the problem or simply can’t be bothered, they have lost the enthusiasm and drive to maximize the potential of their business.

The main GOAL is to MAKE A PROFIT, IMPROVE CASH FLOW and then, HARVEST and  INVEST those additional Profits and Cash WISELY.

This will not only result in the business continuing but also operate to provide the business owner with an income and wealth creation vehicle into the future.

In its very crudest form, this means:

  1. Increasing Sales Revenue
  2. Improving Gross Profit Margin
  3. Reducing Fixed & Operating Costs
  4. Improving Productivity
  5. Improving Cash Flow

By putting in place, a simple pre-determined plan using one or a combination of the above, all or part of the additional profits or cash from this plan, can then be invested wisely to accumulate wealth.

Most business owners look to grow their business in a linear manner, that is just growing their business in one area such as increasing sales by 10%, the result is 10% growth.

Now consider exponential growth. Exponential growth is making changes to several critical areas of your business.

It’s so deceptively simple that most people don’t believe it on first examination… they simply don’t think it’s possible to achieve.

Now, not only are the maths correct… small business owners effectively working “The Power of Synergy” prove that the model works and the usual comment I get after they have achieved the result, or better, is:

It wasn’t all that difficult once I began to focus on applying these small changes in a consistent way”.

 The important words here are “focus” & consistent.

The Better Business Group “Power of Synergy” model recognises that most businesses have four key areas which have a vital impact on profitability. They are:

  • The Number of Sales Transactions
  • The Average Value of Each Sale
  • The Cost of Production
  • The Overhead & Operating Expenses necessary to take the product or service to the market & to sell it

The Impact of Small Changes In The Right Areas To The Average Business

Let’s examine how these critical areas impact on the average business.

The average sales dollar gets split as follows:

  • 70 cents goes in product costs.
  • 20 cents goes in overhead expenses.
  • Leaving 10 cents available for profit. (And, remember, the tax man wants his share of this, too!)

What’s the effect on profitability if we make small improvements to these four critical areas to that average business:

  • 5% improvement in the number of sales transactions
  • 5% improvement in the average sale value
  • 2% reduction in product costs and
  • 2% reduction in overhead & operating expenses

Result,  a profit improvement of a staggering 86.20%.

I can hear you thinking that your specific industry or business might not be able to achieve this result because your margins might be different. Then again, you might be able to make these figures look sick. Now all businesses have different structures, margins and costs but if you want to know the potential of your business then contact us and we can arrange for a Profit Improvement Potential Analysis of your business.

Once you have discovered the ‘Numbers’ for your business, you will want to find out how to plug your profit leaks and capitalise on your missed profit opportunities.

In summary

BBG Offers the Business Owner/Manager the following systems and business information:

  • Sales & Marketing .
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Conducting a ‘Full Business Diagnostic’ to uncover the areas of greatest potential.
  • Employee Recruitment Systems, Motivate employees, productively.
  • Product Costing.
  • Meeting customer needs, Handling angry customers.
  • A training program that will convert your sales staff into sales superstars and how to manage them.
  • Negotiation skills
  • Reducing Costs
  • Business Analysis and Diagnostic Tools.
  • ‘Self Help’ products for business development
  • Mini Business Development Programs.
  • Systemised Business Coaching Programs.

Where To from Here?

If you want to generate massively more sales, profits and cash in your business with less stress and more enjoyment…its decision time. We know you have three other choices.

Firstly, you can do nothing…in which case both you and I know the outcome here – it’s more of what you are currently getting or not getting! Presumably, you aren’t happy with this, so do you really want to continue with a mediocre to poor result?

Secondly, you can procrastinate… but that’s not a decision, it is merely a deferral and ultimately will lead to doing nothing…so the mediocre to poor results will continue, so too, will your frustration.

Thirdly, you can take affirmative action by investigating further what the Better Business Group and our Business Improvement Specialists can do for you.

Whatever your choice, I wish you all the best for you and your business. What I do know is that there are massive extra profits waiting to be identified and recovered within your business right now… and the benefits of doing so stretch well into the future…including a higher sale price for your more profitable business when you decide to sell.


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