About the Better Business Group

Hi, I’m Fred Steensma, Managing Director of the Better Business Group.

I have a comprehensive background in Business Development, Business Coaching, Sales Development, Sales Training, and Sales Management.

It is the combination of all the above skills, past experience, and a hands-on approach that helps my client to achieve greater business success.

While the basics of business have not changed, what has changed is the desire for business owners and managers to find people who are willing to roll-up their sleeves when required to help them achieve business success.

As an example:   I was contracted to help a small manufacturing business of 9 staff who were on the brink of failure.  I first followed a process of discovery, then established goals with the business owner then established a system of KPI monitoring, and set a plan of action. The end result was a business that has achieved the highest Operating Profit in its history (providing 56% yearly ROI) and increased the value of the business to $960,000+.

Achieving a great result in your business is not hard, I will help you make it happen.

If you are struggling in your business, or you want to take your business to a whole new level, then I suggest you call me for a discussion of possibility.

Where To from Here?

If you want to generate more sales, profits, and cash in your business with less stress and more enjoyment…its decision time. You have three other choices.

Firstly, you can do nothing…in which case both you and I know the outcome here – it’s more of what you are currently getting or not getting! Presumably, you aren’t happy with this, so do you really want to continue with a mediocre to poor results?

Secondly, you can procrastinate… but that’s not a decision, it is merely a deferral and ultimately will lead to doing nothing…so the mediocre to poor results will continue, so too, will your frustration.

Thirdly, you can take affirmative action by giving me a call or send me a message to arrange a discussion of possibility.

The question you could ask yourself “What have I got to lose?”


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