One-on-One Sales Development – Results Guaranteed

If your sales numbers are at a standstill and your frustration at your lack of progress is becoming unbearable, then the Simply Selling System is the answer for you. 

This program is tailored to help you become the best you can be, it will propel you to increase your sales success and I can guarantee results.  Consider this, if your sales conversion from quotes is 33% (1 from 3 quotes), then how about winning 66%, effectively doubling your sales and income, I have helped business owners achieve this result.  However, think of it this way, if you could win just 1 extra sale from quotes, how would that help you?

In most cases, my client’s return on investment is massive, usually just one sale covers their investment for my services.

What will I do for you?

I will train you how to use the system, help you to implement the program, and help you to develop sales system templates.

You will learn many skills including;

  • Knowing when to walk away.
  • How to Recognise the ‘Personality’ type of Your Prospect.
  • How to establish the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor.
  • Tips on Posture.
  • How to uncover the ‘Buying Motives’ of your prospect
  • How to correctly question a prospect to discover their needs, wants and problems they want to be solved.
  • How to find out what your prospect is thinking.
  • How to correctly ‘Qualify’ a Prospect.
  • How to structure and present a Proposal correctly.
  • Be confident that the ‘Close’ is the easiest part of the sale.

Unlike traditional sales training, Simply Selling is a ‘System’ of selling which has helped many people

to achieve sales success they never thought possible.

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