Selling – An Easy To Follow Guide That Will Generate More Sales, Profits& Cash BBG Business Development Module (or BDM).  Its purpose is simple:

As a BBG Customer, we want you to:

  • Increase your ethical sales skills
  • Increase the frequency and value of sales
  • Increase the profitability to you of each customer
  • Decrease your rejection rate
  • Increase the satisfaction of those who buy from you
  • Maximize your enjoyment and command of the sales process

Ultimately, BBG is about you and your Final Financial independence and this BDM is at the “sharp end” of that process because, “in business, nothing happens until somebody sells something!”

As you can no doubt appreciate, “sales” is a huge subject and to cover every facet of it would require us to present this BDM over at least three separate manuals. To present too much information is as futile as presenting too little. That said, in this BDM we have concentrated on the important issues. “Important” being defined as that which gets a result – a profitable sale. Such as:

  • Understanding The Needs & Wants Of Your Prospects
  • The Identifying Traits Of Your A Grade Customers/Prospects
  • Sales Presentations That Properly Present Your Products/Services
  • Selling Techniques & Training
  • Handling Objections
  • Up-Selling
  • Sales Goals & Budgets
  • Sales Staff Awareness Of What Is Expected
  • Sales Staff – Incentivation And Encouragement

This program sets out to provide you with everything you need to expose your customers to “extraordinary opportunities to purchase excellent products and services from you, at great value!

Whether you sell “goods”, “services”, “products”, “advice”, “ideas” or whatever, this program will provide an easy to follow guide that will generate more sales, profits and cash.





For More Sales, Profits and Cash

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