Develop A Plan To Achieve Your Goals

The 2nd Step on the path to business success is to Develop A Plan To Achieve Your Goals.

I like to develop a plan that is practical and easy to follow, not the type of business plan used to obtain funds from a lending institution (bank), which tend to be complex and rarely followed.

Depending on what was discussed at the time the Business Opportunity Assessment was presented, I will determine the extent of the plan I will develop.  Let me explain ….

There are times when conducting an assessment I discover the business growth potential is huge, for example:

I recently assessed a company where the two owners had a good income, they both worked in the business but often found themselves putting money back in until the next good revenue period arrived.  Then they would reimburse themselves.  This was a theme which was repeated yearly, they have been in business for many years.  Operating Profit was all but zero, and the business value was less than a $1000.00.


The problem was they were losing heart, their drive had gone and they were fearful the business would eventually collapse.


I completed a Business Opportunity Assessment and discovered the true potential of the business.  It was massive.   In three years they could achieve a business value of $2,000,000, an operating profit of just over $550,000.


I was able to show this client exactly how it can be achieved and they were amazed at how easy it was going to be. 


The result was truly incredible, the following financial year the business had achieved an Operating Profit of $200,000, and increased business value to in excess of $800,000

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When we have our discussion I could show you how I was able to demonstrate the true potential of their business and how easy it was going to be to achieve the stated goals.

So, depending on the dynamics of your business will depend on whether I provide a series of plans or just one plan.

We are ready for action, we have …. 

  • Completed a business opportunity assessment. 
  • Established our Goals based on the assessment.
  • Developed a practical plan to achieve the agreed goals.

The next and final step in the process is To Guide The Business To Success.


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