An Assessment To Increase Sales Potential


The Better Business Group developed a sales training division named Simply Selling.  Due to the growth of Simply Selling, a new company was formed Simply Selling International.    

Selling is an important function in business (an understatement), in business, ‘Nothing happens without a sale’

Why is it that so many businesses accept what they consider as “Their fair share”?

When I ask a business owner what they believe is their fair share when it comes to winning submitted quotes, the answer invariably is – 1 from 3 or 33%. It Does not sound too bad on the face of it.  But here are a couple of questions to consider….

  1. Why would you be want to give the majority of your sales opportunities to your competitors?
  2. What would just 1 extra sale from 10 quotes do for your business?

We have had clients who have increase sales by over 100% from quotes submitted.

Simply Selling is a Step by Step selling system which will increase sales.   For more information download a brochure titled ‘First Steps To Sales Success’- Click Here.

If you are looking to increase your sales success then the first step is to assess your Sales Potential.

Assessment To Increase Sales Potential

The process to assess your sales potential is relatively easy, we will take you through a Sales Questionnaire which will highlight the sales potential for your business leading to More Sales, Profits, and Cash for your business.

For more information, download a Simply Selling Product Brochure – Click Here.


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