Fred Steensma developed the Simply Selling System, following a frustrating start in corporate sales. During his sales career, he regularly attended sales training seminars and sessions (some of international note).

However, any increase he experienced in sales success was temporary. He always returned to sales mediocrity. He began to notice that the sales training he received was purely theory. In fact so much theory, Fred considers he could have been a professor in sales.

Gradually through his own experiences, he pieced bits and pieces together and created his own sales process. He quickly excelled in sales and moved into sales management.  Others soon sort his sales expertise and this led to Fred formalising and sharing his Simply Selling System.

As Fred shared his sales process, he saw that there were many others who were struggling in his industry, and so decided it was time to share his system and help fellow sales professionals by creating Simply Selling.  

“Sales is one of the few industries where when you leave, you leave a part of yourself. It can be one of the most rewarding careers, and most destructive. I know people who have experienced failure after failure. After hearing ‘no’ too many times, they leave sales. And, by that time they’ve lost a piece of their self worth and self esteem.

The Simply Selling System can change all of this. You can sell with the confidence of knowing you’re using a system that works, you will retain your self worth and remain in control.”

Fred Steensma

Simply Selling is a sales training and development organisation. Our objective is to de-mystify the sales process and help businesses and individuals achieve sales success.

Our Simply Selling System is a proven step by step sales process which helps corporations, organisations, businesses and individuals sell products and services more effectively. The simplicity of the Simply Selling System means, no matter how big or small your sales team is, everyone can follow the system and reap the benefits of the process.

Unfortunately, sales success has become complicated and shrouded in mystery. Our goal is to take the mystery away, and show sales individuals that they can become sales superstars by following a simple and proven system.

If you want your company to benefit from increased sales, or you wish to create a long term successful career in sales, then the Simply Selling System is the sales training organisation for you.

Our mission is to build serious sales people.